PALGAG Building Technologies Ltd. is a certified pre-engineered metal building design – build contractor. PALGAG designs and constructs metal buildings with a variety of applications, offering with optimal compliance to the customer requirements and demands.

metal-buildingsUnder a design – build system, all the design work is done by PALGAG, limiting risk to the owner, maximizing efficiency of design and schedule and ultimately producing a more economical project for the owner.
PALGAG offers its clients a Turn-key solution according to the project’s specific requirement; starting from the architectural and engineering design of the building and the entire site, earth works, foundations, concrete works roofing and cladding systems, all interior works and MEP, to the final completion of the building and its hand over to the customer.

The use of pre-engineered metal buildings reduces the typical overall construction and project duration, from procurement to construction which in turn, reduces the overall project costs.

Pre-engineered metal building construction is also very well suited to provide economical construction where large clear spans are required.

Pre-engineered steel buildings are economical and suitable for many applications:

  • Warehouse and logistic buildings
  • Industrial and crane ready buildings
  • Offices
  • Several public buildings: schools, clinics, community centers, etc.
  • Hangars
  • Fire stations
  • Commercial
  • Agriculture buildings