Larry A. Pruitt Jr.

Senior Contracting Officer
US Department of State

The quality of work was exceptional. The contractor paid close attention to details and was proactive in identifying design options that saved time and money…
A very well-seasoned and experienced team, and all around great customer service…
They were always responsive to our questions and was very proactive at solving all construction issues. I would highly recommend Palgag for any construction project, large or small

Traci Pichler

Contracting Officer NAVFAC SE AQ CORE

NAVFAC SE hopes to continue to work with Palgag in the future and considers them an exceptional contractor with the highest degree of professionalism. All management personnel have been extremely knowledgeable, responsive and proactive throughout contract performance.
Finally, NAVFAC SE has been told by both U.S. Southern Command and Special Operations Command South that Palgag is perceived as an excellent contractor whose work is of high quality.

M. Scott Saarlas

Construction Management Advisor/COR US Department of State / INL

Palgag has been an excellent to work with. They completed three design-build projects for us concurrently and with an aggressive completion schedule. The design process went smoothly and the construction was completed on time and with a high level of quality. As the client, we always looked forward to the site visits as we were never faced with any major design or construction issues. Any minor issues that arose were immediately handled by Palgag without any trouble. Their customer service was excellent. We look forward to the next construction project that Palgag can complete for us.

Norman P. Saulter

Vice-President, Engineering & Projects Airports Authority of Jamaica

The Airports Authority of Jamaica and its subsidiary NMIA Airports Limited take pleasure in recognizing Palgag Industries, its Directors and Staff for their excellent performance on the Project and recommend them highly for their competence, cooperation, professionalism and exceptional level of performance in helping to deliver the Terminal Building of what is considered a truly world class airport serving the city of Kingston, Jamaica.

Donald L. Maconi, P.E.

Contingency Engineer NAVFAC SE

Outstanding work by outstanding contractor. Challenging project which encountered differing site conditions and government-caused material customs delays, while working in challenging austere environment. Multiple construction sites.

Zamir Avidor

Corporate Plant Engineer Israel Aerospace Industries LTD

This is to confirm that Palgag is the main contractor of the Israeli Aerospace industry (IAI) for the maintenance, replacement and renovations of roofing & cladding in IAI buildings.
Palgag performances, on over tens of thousands of square meters, were satisfactory for the last four and a half years.

Bert McCabe

Director Llewelyn Davies Yang Architects

The professionalism and support provided by Palgag to the entire Design and Construction team has given the Airports Authority a terminal facility it can justifiably be proud of and we have no hesitation in recommending Palgag to any Client for future commissions on projects worldwide.

Pauline Brown

Senior Director ODPEM – Jamaica

During the construction process ODPEM supervisors, as the client, followed Palgag's operations at all levels and was satisfied with the end product. Palgag was discovered as an innovative contractor with creative capabilities to provide solutions during the construction, with regards to various issues.

Conor Smyth

Senior Project Manager Kier Construction S.A

Palgag have performed superbly on this project and have been a joy to work with. From the onset they have displayed an innovative, economic and pro-active approach to service the project needs. From Senior Management right through to the Site Operatives they have been thoroughly professional in their conduct, which has resulted in a high quality product to the obvious delight of our client.

Peter Jervis

Peter Jervis & Associated Consulting Engineers

Their ability to maintain the best performance and the respect of the Jamaican workforce is also an indication of their methods and integrity, and their word is their bond.
We highly recommend them for roofing, cladding, structural steel and general construction, as you can be assured of good precise work, and the best materials and c n mponents within the specifications.

Lou Krupnick

Associate Principal / Science & Technological Studio

“It has been my pleasure to have worked with the PALGAG team as general contractor for nearly two years on the construction of the Barbados National Medical Reference Laboratory. The project is a high performance building that contains BSL 2 and 3 laboratories, medical research space. I have found Palgag to be a top notch firm with an unfailing desire to produce a quality product.
I extent my sincere appreciation for their work and dedication and I would highly recommend their consideration for other similar, complex projects."