PALGAG specializes in the planning, manufacturing and installation of advanced roofing and cladding systems, to include but not limited to:

  • Standing Seam Roofing Systems
  • Thermo Acoustic Roofing Systems
  • Metal and clay cladding systems

roofing-and-cladding-systemsStanding Seam Roofing Systems
PALGAG’s Standing Seam Roofing Systems are distinguished by their high quality of design, detailing and installation. Using advanced roofing technologies and materials, including aluminum, copper, zinc, stainless steel or pre-painted galvanized steel, our Standing Seam Roofing Systems can be designed in any desired geometric configuration and are fully waterproof as well as aesthetically pleasing. PALGAG’s Profiling Machine offers a large variety of standing seam roofing panels.

Thermo Acoustic Roofing Systems
Palgag specializes in the planning and installation of thermo-acoustic roofing systems. These systems include metal decking, insulation layers and covering systems or sheeting, all carefully tailored to both customer and design requirements. The metal decking, which serves as an acoustic ceiling, is made from perforated cassettes or perforated trapezoidal sheets, giving it high strength suitability for long span use. It provides the necessary support for the entire roofing system, handling any required load. Palgag’s Thermo-Acoustic Roofing System complies with any architectural and structural design, giving the roof interior a clean and aesthetic look.

Cladding Systems
PALGAG’s wide range of Cladding System solutions meets the demands of modern architectural design for exterior wall surfaces, with optimal compliance to both static and insulation requirements, while ensuring strict adherence to high standards of design, detailing, construction and finishing down to the finest detail.

Advanced technologies and materials utilized by PALGAG include:
Insulated Panels – A range of high quality insulated panels suitable for any structure or purpose, offering a choice of options regarding material, finish and profile of cover sheets, and type of insulation core.
Metal Cassettes – Customized metal cassettes made of pre-painted aluminum, galvanized steel, zinc, copper, stainless steel or composite materials.
Clay Tile Façade – Back-ventilated and thermally insulated facades made of clay tiles, dry-fixed to the metal sub-construction.
Metal Cladding – Corrugated and trapezoidal sheets, trays and siding profiles, available in a wide range of shapes and colors.