Location: Infantry Brigade Headquarters Compound, Campamento 16 de Agosto, Dominican Republic

Client: US Navy Facilities South East (NAVFAC SE)

Design: Palgag Building Technologies LTD


As part of the Global Peace Operations Initiative, these two separate contracts support the Dominican Republic National Army by enhancing training facilities of the 1st Infantry Brigade located in the 1st Infantry Brigade Headquarters compound (Base name: Campamento 16 de Agosto), approximately 12 miles north-west from downtown Santo Domingo.
The first contract includes the design, engineering services, and construction of a new barracks building, renovation of an obstacle course, a new rappel / observation tower and the renovation of a MOUT site.
The second contract includes the design, engineering services, and construction of two motorized horizontal sliding Metal Crash Gates.

As the main contractor PALGAG was responsible for all the construction management including engineering support, procurement, logistics, project management, and implementation of Quality Control and Health & Safety plans, matching the client (NAVFAC) requirements.

About the project

The scope of work included several buildings and facilities.

Barracks Building: design and construction of a pre-engineered metal building used as an open bay troop barracks, consisting of an open squad bay with central restrooms and showers to accommodate 100 military personnel. The works include earth works and site development, concrete foundations and floor, interior works, plumbing, HVAC, sanitary sewer, potable water, electrical, and telephone utilities.

Rappel/Observation Tower: design and construction of a 15 meter high, four-story, four sided rappel/observation tower, to include concrete foundation, steel and lumber structure, top roof, rappelling anchoring system, safety hand rails, and climbing stairs. Each side of the tower has a different setup to provide for multiple training evolutions.
Obstacle Course Renovation: demolition and disposal of existing obstacles and design, fabrication and installation of twelve new obstacles Work included necessary earthwork to provide a solid/durable foundation and lateral supports to each obstacle structure.

Military Operations on Urban Terrain (MOUT) Site Renovation: design and construction services for the renovation of existing structures for facilities used as mock town. MOUT site consists of a single street, approximately 100 meter long with structures at both sides. The renovations of these structures, which included concrete works, CMU walls, wood structures and metal roofs called for the same existed site appearance including door and window opening locations.

Metal Crash Gates: design, fabrication and installation of two motorized horizontal sliding certified metal crash gates, K4 rated, one at the main base entrance and one for the back base entrance. The gate dimensions: 7.35 x 2.15 meters. The works included concrete foundations, asphalt repairs, electrical and fencing.

All construction works on site were self-performed by PALGAG teams without involving any subcontractor, thanks to the development of in-country operational capabilities.