Location: Kingston, Jamaica

Client: Jamaica Cricket 2007 Ltd / Government of Jamaica

Architects: Hok Sport- U.S.A

Main Contractor: Ashtrom International Ltd

About the project

With the Cricket World Cup scheduled to be held in the Caribbean during March-April 2007, a decision was taken to renovate the Sabina Park Cricket Stadium and add a new arena with a capacity of 20,000 spectators.

Adopting the solutions proposed by Palgag Technologies, the project embarked on the planning and construction a 4,500 square meter roofing system supported by main trusses at 12-meter intervals.

To cope with the 12-meter free spans, while meeting building planners’ roofing system specifications and requirements, Palgag’s solution featured:

  • Secondary beams between the main trusses
  • Perforated cassettes, AK-90, made of pre-painted galvanized steel, fixed to the bottom flange of the secondary beams
  • Insulation layers
  • Aluminium Riverclack covering system

The AK-90 perforated cassettes created a clean and aesthetic look between the main trusses, adding to the impressive beauty of the stadium roof.

The work was successfully implemented, complying with a very strict schedule.