Location: US Air Force base, Curacao
Client: US Navy Facilities South East (NAVFAC SE)
Design: Palgag Building Technologies LTD


US Air Force Forward Operating Location (FOL) was missing enclosed spaces for storage. The new warehouse facility provided the additional required storage space, and allowed existing rooms and areas to be freed up for correct designated use.

About the project

The project included the design and construction of a 7,000 sqf. warehouse. The design took in consideration the addition of a future mezzanine storage level.
The scope of work included:

  • Earth works and site development
  • Concrete foundations and floor
  • Pre-engineered metal building with standing seam metal roof, will match existing adjacent hangar facility in terms of color scheme
  • Exhaust fans to serve all ventilated zones of the facility
  • Fire alarm system
  • A complete fire suppression system to include connection to main water distribution line, a new and fully equipped pump room, all required piping, sprinklers and hangers and free standing fire department connection
  •  Electrical: interior and exterior
  • New paved areas

PALGAG was responsible for all the construction management including engineering support, procurement, logistics, project management, and implementation of Quality Control and Health & Safety plans, matching the client (NAVFAC) and US Air Force requirements. In addition, during the period of works, PALGAG was required to minimize the impact of construction activities on neighboring facilities and FOL operations.