Location: US Air Force base, Curacao

Client: US Navy Facilities South East (NAVFAC SE)


  • Palgag Building Technologies LTD – Design Management, Architectural, Civil, Plumbing
  • Structural – P. Jervis & Associates
  • Electrical – Collin Francis



The objective of these two Design and Build contracts was:

  • To provide a designated parking area for four fueling trucks and containment of fuel spillage via oil-water separator. The site is located on the south edge of the flight line
  • To remove the existing Hazmat Yard and provide a new Hazmat Yard, east of the existing location, to provide a larger, safer storage area compliant with applicable directives and accessible from the main site access road.

Both sites are located within the Forward Operating Location (FOL) base in Curacao.
As the main contractor, PALGAG was responsible for all the construction management including engineering support, procurement, logistics, project management, and implementation of Quality Control and Health & Safety plans, matching the client (NAVFAC) and US Air Force requirements. In addition, during the period of works, PALGAG was required to minimize the impact of construction activities on neighboring facilities and FOL operations.

About the project

Refueler trucks parking area
Design and construction of two new concrete parking pads to accommodate a total of four refueler trucks.
The scope of works includes:

  • Earth works to include grading the area disturbed by the new parking pads to assure proper storm water runoff.
  • Two concrete aprons to include fuel- resistance sealed joints and grounding points, one for each refueler truck
  • Catch basin centered to each concrete apron and required piping
  • 12,000 gallon underground oil-water separator to be connected to the existing storm water system
  • Removal and relocation of fence and gate
  • Mechanical gate operator to include a post mounted keyless entry pad type access control
  • Exterior lighting

Hazmat Yard
The scope of works includes concrete storage pad, fence and gates, asphalt vehicle access, catch basin connected to the existing storm water system, eye wash combo station, metal canopy, wind breaker wall, exterior lighting and demolition and removal of existing Hazmat yard.