Location: Port Royal and Port Morant, Jamaica

Client: US Navy Facilities South East (NAVFAC SE)

Design: CEAC Solutions, Engineers & Planners


The project consisted of design and construction services of two new boat ramps and access at the Jamaican Coast Guard Base Port Royal and Port Morant, Kingston Jamaica.

As the main contractor, PALGAG was responsible for all the construction management including engineering support, procurement, logistics, project management, and implementation of Quality Control and Health & Safety plans, matching the client (NAVFAC) and US Air Force requirements. In addition, during the period of works, PALGAG was required to minimize the impact of construction activities on neighboring facilities and FOL operations.

About the project

The contract included project management, design and construction services for two boat ramps, about 40 meters long and 5 meters wide, under local and international requirements.

The scope of work includes:

  • Full marine works design to include bathymetric survey
  • Providing of a floating debris boom to encompass the work area
  • Demolish of existing ramps, seawalls and access road
  • Excavation works which was conducted from the direction of the sea towards the land
  • Rock placement to include shingle and secondary armor
  • Precast tiles placement, placed by a crane and supervised by a diver. Placement was conducted from the sea towards the shore
  • Precast seawall placement
  • Cast in place concrete above water
  • Access road from main road to the boat ramps