Location: Ocos and Escuintla, Guatemala

Client: US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

Design: DM Diseño Construcción, Palgag Building Technologies LTD

USACE Program

Since 2013 PALGAG Building Technologies Ltd is part of the selected group of contractors of the Multiple Award Task Order Contract´s (MATOC) for the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) in two different regions:

  • South America
  • Central America

This design and build project is a Central America MATOC task order.

As the main contractor PALGAG is responsible for all the construction management including engineering support, procurement, logistics, project management, and implementation of Quality Control and Health & Safety plans, in compliance with the USACE contract requirements.

About the project

A part of this Design-Build project is the upgrade of an existing clinic in Ocos with an approximately are of 200 square meters including the construction of a vehicle parking shed. The vicinity of Ocos is located at the northern border of Guatemala with Mexico. It´s a remote location with several security issues.

As part of the scope for this work the whole roof has been replaced with insulated roof panels including the complete roof structure. A complete new electrical system was provided (power and lighting), a new sewer system and new finishes including suspended ceiling system.

The second portion of the contract included the design and construction of a new Disaster Relief Warehouse in Escuintla.

The scope of work includes the following:

  • New 442 square meters warehouse in accordance with UFC requirements, including foundation and concrete slab on grade, reinforced CMU walls, insulated sandwich metal roofing and structural framing.
  • Site improvements and utilities as earthworks, septic system and water supply lines. Also access roads and parking areas.
  • Water well construction (300ft)
  • Interior works, to include interior partitions, floor finishes, acoustic ceiling, ceiling fans, and the required equipment.
  • MEP: mechanical, electrical and plumbing works. A fire alarm system, including control panel
  • Utilities: main power connection and power distribution, with a backup generator, sanitary piping to include septic tanks and leach fields and water supply / distribution. The water supply was based on a water well and an underground water tank.